Monday, January 30, 2012


February is approaching. Rapidly.
February 18th at WWA Gallery there is going to be an amazing show. Below I have for you the photo shoot of the hats I knitted. They will be available in my series called "Wintering"

Knit with 100% wool, Applied 23K gold leaf

"Light Keeper"
Knit with 100% wool and white organic silk headband

Knit with 100% wool and hand spun alpaca
More infomation at WWA's Page

You should really take a look, it is going to be full of talented people, including Jessica Dalva, Jessica Cooper and Sinae Park.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Febuary will big a month. A lot of my larger projects will be finished around then. Last weekend was the photoshoot for some hats I knitted for the upcoming WWA Show.

Thank you so much to Manuela(Left) and Michelle(Right) for helping and standing on the cold rooftop. And a big thank you to Christoph for taking the photos.

 The view was great. And on other news, a teaser for my book:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Past Present Future

Things have been moving quite fast. I have some projects that got lost along the way and some new ones.

A postcard for equality for the disabled.

My master thesis, written and published. Again a thank you to all the people who gave their time to do interviews.

And then teasers for my show coming up on Febuary 18th at the WWA Gallery.

It is going to be an amazing show with amazing people. And a late good luck wish to everyone for 2012