Thursday, May 31, 2012

Month of May

I took off the month of May and went traveling with Jessica. Our journey was full of beautiful sights and interesting people, but also days of strange toilet situations and the desperate search for cheap food. Here is some documentation of my wanderings

Nice, France

 Because we were traveling on a budget most of our meals consisted of some kind of bread and cheese. I really like Supermarkets in other countries, it is always a surprise to find out what you actually bought compared to what you thought you did.

Marseille, France

We encountered some high speed winds in Marseille, the seagulls had some trouble flying. 
On the train again.

 Montpellier, France

By far the cutest french city I have been in.

Sitting in the park.

Barcelona, Spain

Sleeping in rooms with multiple people you end up having interesting roommates.

Coffee and drawing

Madrid, Spain

Our hostel was a part of a historical building and had the most amazing common room

Love tappas

Paris, France

Saw all the sites with all the thousands of other tourist


Versaille was impressive. We took a break to paint in Marie Antoinette's Estate, which was kind of ridiculous if you thought about it. 

Amsterdam, Holland

Last stop,  and the cutest city. I picked up bed bugs from Paris but I still really enjoyed it.