Saturday, June 18, 2011

Terrra Obscura

Exhibition & Untimely Event

...June 18, 2011
7pm - Midnight

$5 at the door

112 N. Oxford. Los Angeles. 90004

This show is going to be amazing filled with really talented people and it is only up tonight! It was all organized by an art collective called the Upper 600s. Truly wonderful and dedicated people. 
Here is my piece:

I put together this Luzern swan it is called "Weather or not".  It has a barometer on his back so you can tell if it going to rain. I feel birds know these things a lot better than I do. I never seem to bring an umbrella on the right days. I knit him a little sweater neck to keep him warm and had a little too much fun with the decorative stitching (at least I am not using sequins anymore).

Monday, June 13, 2011


It is done. My first making of video. Maybe a little cliche to have one but it was a really fun Saturday. It shows me making my piece for the Crazy for Cult Show, drinking tea and hanging around in my flat... The show won't be up until July 10th but I was just too excited to wait that long to share it.

I hope you like it....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

At home Atelier

I spend most of my time working at home... I started a project this weekend showing how I work at home. I am really excited about it.

On other news, the Wet Hot American Summer show looks like it went really well. I read an article about it in the  Huffingtonpost. There is some nice picture of all the pieces in the article, including mine. All the pieces are for sale at

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wet and Hot

I wanted to avoid posting the whole picture but it is already posted on FunnyorDie... Why not right?
So... Be there,  June 10th (that's NEXT FRIDAY) Gallery 1988 in Venice, it looks like a lot cool people are going, and I know the art will be amazing. Go and tell me what I missed.

Inventory of resources

Getting started on projects is really hard after the initial lust and inspiration have run out. After a start and stop of almost 6 months now I can finally start drawing on my thesis. But now... nothing. I have decidedly organized myself and going through every art supply I have to see what will suit me best, as seen above...
A first look of stuff from "Lost at Sea". I am also collecting quotes from book printers if anyone has recommendations.