Saturday, June 18, 2011

Terrra Obscura

Exhibition & Untimely Event

...June 18, 2011
7pm - Midnight

$5 at the door

112 N. Oxford. Los Angeles. 90004

This show is going to be amazing filled with really talented people and it is only up tonight! It was all organized by an art collective called the Upper 600s. Truly wonderful and dedicated people. 
Here is my piece:

I put together this Luzern swan it is called "Weather or not".  It has a barometer on his back so you can tell if it going to rain. I feel birds know these things a lot better than I do. I never seem to bring an umbrella on the right days. I knit him a little sweater neck to keep him warm and had a little too much fun with the decorative stitching (at least I am not using sequins anymore).


georges blog said...

Aw this is gorgeous! Congrats. your work is always filled with inspiration.

J. A. W. Cooper said...