Sunday, February 14, 2010


It is my brother's birthday and I made him something. An eskimo calculator.... and it works. I guess it would help if you know him. But he likes math, 42 and my nickname for him is eskimo. Which in highschool I thought was so clever because it is mike backwards with an extra s and o...
Other than that I think I finished my Muffin piece. I was not really excited about how it turned out... but we move on I guess. But I made a list of all the wonderful valentine's food puns I have thought of and people have given to me. I want more though...

Baby without I'm muffin
I loaf you
I'll give you olive my love
When I am not with you I falafel
Take another little pizza my heart
You really know how to make a mango wild
Being with you is just grape
Orange you glad we are together
I'm you biggest flan

I thought there were more but that's all I have for now.


twchrist said...

What a precious face on that eskilator.
Adore the puns!

J. A. W. Cooper said...

That calculator is out of control!!!

"Good news for you on valentines day: it's nacho baby."

Jules said...

Lovely as always!

marry said...

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