Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I have been holding off on posting these, but I can't really wait any more.  I have been living in an attic with not many new projects.
Here are some animals I made for the Plush You Show in Seattle a while back that will be opening sometime soon.

Josephine the Bluest Jay

Likes: collecting blue stones
Dislikes: broken nests
Rarely: has time to count her feathers
Always: flies when it rains

Matilda the Shy Rabbit

Likes: sleeping in on Sundays
Dislikes: warm carrots
Rarely: is seen out at night
Always: chews at least 13 times

Cornelious the Cuddle Fox

Likes: cold early morning runs
Dislikes: sour milk
Rarely: is late for breakfast
Allways: stops to squint at the sun


twchrist said...

The bio's really make these plush toys into real characters. These are very unique toys, and thoughtfully crafted! Obviously you could put those on a miniature tag, like beanie babies.

Sunny said...

These plush animals are so cute and cuddly~!

I like the way you combine different materials to create different textures.:)

Jules said...

These are so adorable. They make me REALLY happy and really miss you a lot!

J. A. W. Cooper said...

I fucking want these so bad, especially the shy rabbit. You are incredible!

Danielle Buerli said...

Aw thanks you guys, I miss you too

Giselle said...

oh man i love these so much. you have no idea how much i love to play with coops vibrating owl in her car.