Monday, December 17, 2012

Pompom Envy

I have put together a short craft session for you.

I love winter for its knitted hats. However, I am never really fully committed to a pompom but I like the option. I have crafted a way to  easily attach one with no commitment. 

This is my preferred method of pompom making. Two cardboard circles, but I add a piece of fabric in between to sew through for extra volume and sturdiness. At the end just loosely sew on a button. You need enough space to attach it to your hat.
Then just button it to any knit. I attached mine to the top of my grey hat I knitted last winter. You can easily just put it on the side, front, middle, multiple ones. Switch hats, switch pompoms. 

Below is a commissioned Holiday Card. Best Wishes through the holidays!

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J. A. W. Cooper said...

AHHHHH! The hat looks so cute on you and I love the holiday card!