Saturday, January 12, 2013

Standing on chairs

A few things have come together lately. The biggest being that my kind neighbor who was moving gave me a massive bag of fabric. I usually only have scraps leftover from various projects. So finally I have human sized pieces. The result is evenings creating a new wardrobe for myself.

Welcome 2013
This a dark brown silk dress I made for new years. I added a line of gold beads down the middle for some festive shine.

My favorite skirt I have made so far. It is a heavier grey knit so it practical to wear... everyday. 

Fancy Pants
I thought I was never really one for flowered patterns but I never tried and somehow it has its charm. High waisted and white patterned jeans, makes me feel like a 90's babysitter.  


I made this dress with the intention to wear for a holiday party. But guess what, I had no party to go to. The two fabrics are really a interesting texture that the photo does not show. 

Kick pleat

I made this skirt with my favorite fabric of the bunch a heathered lavender wool.The kick pleat is really fun, I feel I can only wear it with the accompaniment of lipstick.

Dance Pants
Rust colored silk with a timid palazzo pant. I am working up to being brave enough to make a pair with the full yardage. 


The last skirt I made recently still up to debate about the color (too much like doctor scrubs) and general fit. There is still more to be done.

Also thank to my aunt for letting be borrow her overlocker. Which is so fun to drive.

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J. A. W. Cooper said...

WOW! You really are making a new wardrobe, this is so cool! I especially like the lavender wool kick-pleat skirt.