Monday, March 24, 2014

Grafik 14 Part1

Grafik 14 is a show put together by Grafik Schweiz to present young creative talent through out Switzerland. This year I was fortunate enough to participate. In case you did not get to come I put together some pictures for you. 

Anyone interested in any of the pieces feel free to contact me at 

Though out
Aryclic on canson paper
6 x 8 in 


Aryclic on canson paper
4 x 4 in 


Le Blob
Mixed media sculpture, polymer clay and resin on slate
aprox. 6 x 4 in 


The Outcome
Mixed media sculpture, polymer clay and glass on wood
Crystals from Swiss Mountain range
aprox. 5 x 4 in 


limited Semi Gloss Print
10 x 10 in 

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